Sam, a housecat, sitting on the back of a couch facing the camera.
A fine February Caturday

Today has been a fine, lazy Caturday here in Durham. Spring is nudging Winter out of the way, but not without a little push-back. Seems like a good day to […]

Murdercat at rest

Having a relaxing Caturday with Lilah, aka Murdercat, giving me the hairy eyeball. Bonus shot of Bubby and Willow.

Sam’s holiday sweater

Update: Sam actually likes his sweater. Or, at least, it chills him out. He’s an anxious cat and gets really anxious when we have a lot of company over (as […]

Sir Wobbles ponders
Sir Wobbles yells at birbs

We got a bird feeder a few months ago. Dollar for dollar it provides maximum return on entertainment budget.

Caturday is for sunbeams

Starting Caturday right with Willow and Bubby.