Sam, a housecat, sitting on the back of a couch facing the camera.
A fine February Caturday

Today has been a fine, lazy Caturday here in Durham. Spring is nudging Winter out of the way, but not without a little push-back. Seems like a good day to […]

Sir Wobbles mugging for the camera

Happy Wednesday. Seems like a good day for some cat pictures. Enjoy!

Lilah, a tuxedo cat, looks curiously at the camera and has her paws tucked neatly to the side.
Friday Fancycat

Today was vet visit day. As is custom, I gave Lilah a few doses of Gabapentin ahead of the vet visit so she’d be manageable and not try to use […]

Bubby, aka, Bubby Merps, black cat face looking curious or startled.
Celebrating Bubby’s gotcha day

Four years and one day ago, Meg forwarded me an email she received as a volunteer cat foster. It was titled “last chance for Bubby” and it included a picture […]

Monday fluffs

Lots of bad vibes on the internet today. Here’s a little cat action to boost your mood.

Murdercat at rest

Having a relaxing Caturday with Lilah, aka Murdercat, giving me the hairy eyeball. Bonus shot of Bubby and Willow.

A festive fancy cat

It’s been a long day. Here’s my tuxedo cat Lilah being as fancy as a cat can be.

Miss you, Laney

It’s been a year to the day since I said goodbye to one of the best cats that’s ever walked the planet. When I first got Laney, I put her […]

The many faces of Laney McScratcherson

Laney McScratcherson is a tortoiseshell tabby cat (torbie) that I adopted from Animal House in St. Louis in late 2013. It might be more accurate to say she adopted me, […]

Tortie Thursday with Willow