Sick kitty

A few days ago I noticed that Lilah wasn’t eating very much. She’s never been particularly food-motivated, and it’s not uncommon for her to ignore her kibble all day and […]

Sam, a housecat, sitting on the back of a couch facing the camera.
A fine February Caturday

Today has been a fine, lazy Caturday here in Durham. Spring is nudging Winter out of the way, but not without a little push-back. Seems like a good day to […]

Sir Wobbles mugging for the camera

Happy Wednesday. Seems like a good day for some cat pictures. Enjoy!

Lilah, a tuxedo cat, looks curiously at the camera and has her paws tucked neatly to the side.
Friday Fancycat

Today was vet visit day. As is custom, I gave Lilah a few doses of Gabapentin ahead of the vet visit so she’d be manageable and not try to use […]

Bubby, aka, Bubby Merps, black cat face looking curious or startled.
Celebrating Bubby’s gotcha day

Four years and one day ago, Meg forwarded me an email she received as a volunteer cat foster. It was titled “last chance for Bubby” and it included a picture […]

Monday fluffs

Lots of bad vibes on the internet today. Here’s a little cat action to boost your mood.

Murdercat at rest

Having a relaxing Caturday with Lilah, aka Murdercat, giving me the hairy eyeball. Bonus shot of Bubby and Willow.

Bubby and Sir Wobbles

Love the relationship these two have. Bubby and Sir Wobbles got along immediately the first time they met and Sir seems to have a little bit of hero worship going […]

A festive fancy cat

It’s been a long day. Here’s my tuxedo cat Lilah being as fancy as a cat can be.

Saturday cat blogging: Bubby blep

Having a great Caturday. Hope you’re doing the same!